Who we are
Vesta Capital is an investment house that specializes in investments and Mergers & Acquisitions of selected urban renewal real estate companies. For the past two decades we have been the market leaders in the field of entrepreneurship, finance and investments in the urban renewal real estate industry.
Vesta has developed a unique risk management model that supports investments and underwriting. The model is based on deep understanding and knowledge of urban and national planning process as well as core business activities in financial engineering, strict planning control, contractual and corporate legal analysis and contractors’ capabilities monitoring.
Vesta’s business model enables us to make quick and efficient informed decisions, while properly managing our portfolio. The model consists of qualitative and quantitative analysis and weights economic parameters and risk factors.
Vesta’s qualitative human capital, alongside with its team’s accumulated decades of practical experience, strengthens the portfolio’s companies and accelerates their business growth.

Our Team

As a leading investment house Vesta understands the importance of personal connectivity and professional experience of its executive management. Vesta’s selective team has been built of professional seasoned executives with accumulative experience of many decades in investments, financing, project’s initiation and urban renewals. Our strategic major mission is to support and empower our portfolio’s companies and accelerate their business growth.

Working Process

There is no short way for creating success!
As part of our vision to create empowerment of business growth, we use a professional and efficient 5 stage process. Our system enables us to make an efficient due-diligence on our candidates’ business and projects with full transparency, and allows us to make quick and thoughtful decisions.

Initial introduction meeting

Material processing and coordination of expectations

Letter Of Intend


Contract signing