המייסד - ירון בלנק

אחד מהייזמים הוותיקים והמוערכים בתחום ההתחדשות העירונית.

ירון ייסד בין היתר את גלים התחדשות עירונית- חברת התחדשות עירונית מובילה בהרצליה.

בשיתוף פעולה עם יגאל דמרי ירון הקים את דמרי-גלים- שמתמקדת בפרוייקטי התחדשות עירונית בת”א, ואחראית בין היתר על פרוייקט XX, פרוייקט YY הנחשקים.

בנוסף, ירון הינו שותף מייסד של מכלול הציבורית- חברת מימון רב תחומית ועוסקת בתחום מתן האשראי לעולם הנדל”ן למגורים ומתן אשראי תאגידי לחברות בצמיחה.

בעל חברת התחדשות עירונית מובילה
מייסד מכלול
הוביל 2000 פרוייקטים

As a leading investment house Vesta understands the importance of personal connectivity and professional experience of its executive management. Vesta’s selective team has been built of professional seasoned executives with accumulative experience of many decades in investments, financing, project’s initiation and urban renewals. Our strategic major mission is to support and empower our portfolio’s companies and accelerate their business growth.

ירון בלנק

Yaron Blank- CEO and Founder

Yaron is a seasoned entrepreneur who has 20 years of vast experience in initiating private and public companies, as well as joint ventures in the real estate sector, including financing and related services, focusing on the urban renewal segment.
15 years ago, when urban renewal concept was still in its first early stage- Yaron has proven his visionary skills by identifying the market direction in the next coming decades. Yaron is one of the first pioneers in Israel who has shifted his full operation and initiated Galim- as his major platform for the urban renewal trend.
Over the years Yaron established successful companies and joint ventures including Dimri-Galim, a JV with Igal Dimri- a leading urban renewal company specialized in the Tel-Aviv area and Parktech- a leading supplier of automatic parking solutions.
Yaron is also one of the first to identify the urgent need for financial solutions that finally resulted with the establishment of Michlol- with Yaron being its co-founder and together with his partners led the company to go public and to become one of the most important platforms for financial solutions in the Israeli market.
During his intensive activities Yaron has developed reliable and long term relations with senior market executives of the real-estate market. Yaron is also acting as a lecturer in some important institutions.

Michael Koish- Chief Investment Officer

Michael is an accomplished executive with a proven track record of billion dollar + transactions and projects. He has an extensive experience in investments, financing, business development, strategic planning, investment banking and in leading and solving complex real-estate crisis managements. Michael held senior positions in well-known investment and real-estate companies including: The Ofer Brothers- XT Holdings, Gold Tree, Challenge Group and Gindi Investments.
Michael holds an MA in Financial Economics at the faculty’s special program for outstanding students, and a B.A in Economics and Management (with honor) – both from the Tel-Aviv University.

Oren Blank- COO

Oren has a 25 years of experience in operations, logistics, services and technologies. Oren has served in variety of key executive roles in Matrix, Comverse and Made4Net. He also initiated and managed Parktech- that supplies advanced automatic parking solutions to real-estate companies, mainly from the urban renewal region.
Oren specializes in creating complicated logistic solutions, which are based on advanced technology accompany with full customer service orientation.
Oren Holds a B.A in Economics and Management.

Eyal Urieli - VP Business Development

An experienced executive manager in Real Estate and commercial production, with a proven track record of more than 25 years, achieving high performance levels, successful innovative projects and financial goals.
A fast learner and strategic thinker, with a broad understanding of all business-aspects.
Eyal holds an Executive MBA from Tel-Aviv University, and a B.A with a specialization in marketing and Information Technologies at the College of Management.

Maayn Lalush- Head of Legal

Maayan has 10 years of experience in real-state and legal advising as well as in progressing licensing and planning procedures with local municipality committees.
Maayan is experienced in leading negotiations with tenants and suppliers, and in accompanying real estate projects, focusing on urban renewal.
Maayan was practiced at Lustigman, Leffler and Co. law firm in real estate department.
Maayan holds an LLB.

Matan Hofman- Analyst

Matan has a 5 years of experience in appraising and analyzing real estate projects. He specialized in the urban renewal segment and served as an appraiser, analyst and project manager. Matan also provided consulting services to local municipal committees.
Matan is a certified appraiser and holds a B.A. in Business Administration.

Limor Hadad- Administrator

Limor has 14 years of experience in administration and office management.
Limor worked for a law firm and for a few urban renewal companies.
She is an outstanding employee, loyal, responsible and performing as the focal point for secretarial issues.